The Renewable Energy Investment Company

Excecutive summary

With its main operations headquartered in Stockholm, Treic was established in Sweden with the purpose of efficiently purchasing and financing sales, electricity on behalf of its customers (local Energy Retailers and end comsumers).

Operating in the Scandinavian energy market, covering Sweden,
Finland and Norway with energy and consumers.

As a result of its growth trajectory and to support its future development,
Treic is seeking initial growth capital of €2 million. Raised capital of €2 million
will be deployed on growth, Sales, and energy trading.

We envision a world where every kilowatt hour positively impacts our climate and environment. We aim to challenge and inspire our customers to take greater responsibility for the world around them and the future. We achieve this by designing services and offers that create a positive impact.


Treic’s vision is to become a major energy financing company, increasing its customer base month on month. Together with our subsidiary’s.

Revolutionize the European energy market and become a key player.

Short term objectives 2023-2024


Organic growth

Stock exchange listing, new issue of shares.

500 Gigawatt hours​

Turnover 100 million €

Long Term objectives 2023-2025

TREIC to become a leading player in Europe within its segments as well as being able to offer its customers financial solutions

Penetrate new European markets such as Germany, Poland and France

Turnover, € 100 million annualy

Start our own production of electricity (green energy)

Turnover 200 million €

2 Terawatt hours

Key Factors

Unique Business Model

Capital Needs & Expansion

We are seeking growth capital to boost liquidity in our receivables business model. This will pave the way for a broader customer base and amplify our electricity purchases on the NordPool spot market.

Payment Deductions & Overcollateralization

We hold the authority to offset any late or non-payments from end consumers against their outstanding amounts. Such incidents are infrequent, with a 99.6% full payment rate. Our receivables offer a robust safety net for potential funders, given that electricity accounts for about 60% of a typical invoice. The other 40% encompasses administration, electricity certificates, and subscription fees.

Receivable Business Model Dynamics

In our unique model, energy retailers have their end-consumers make payments through us. This arrangement ensures we’re compensated in full before any funds reach the energy retailers.

Invoice Control & Enhanced Collateral

While we manage the full spectrum of the consumer invoice, we only deposit 60% of its value with NordPool. The residual 40% serves as an added layer of collateral, ensuring further protection for our funders.


Mangold Fondkommission

Institutional Brokerage Firm

Magnus Fridlund